I was thinking a little bit about what I talked about in the meeting. Making commitments to people so that I stay engaged with my kung fu. Whether or not they are acknowledged, they are things that matter to me. I feel like I'm an integral part of something, and that drives me to be there as much as possible. Whether or not it's reality, it helps drive me to improve and keep moving forward.

I hope someday I can make a commitment just to myself. Making myself accountable to me. The only one I let down is me, but that's something huge. I feel the importance of this already. Being honest with myself is the first step. I won't be accountable to myself, if I don't acknowledge where I'm truly at. Did I do my pushups today? No. Why? Because I chose not to. I have to be willing to have these conversations with myself.

At the same time, there's always this thought in my mind. Would I be able to stop doing kung fu? I'm pretty sure the answer is no. Even if I became mediocre for a while, there's something inside of me that feels like kung fu gives my life purpose. And not because my occupation is not valuable, or because I don't play a very active role in my family. But kung fu makes me recognize the quality of everything I'm doing in my life and question whether or not I could be doing it better. It makes me practice my compassion and empathy, because I can always be growing as a person, and even those skills take practice.

So I hope one day I will be accountable to me. And I know that the path I'm on, the path that kung fu has shown me but that I have chose to walk down, is the best way for me to get there.

Melanie Beckett

Someday, I Will Become a Great Teacher

What does Kung Fu teach?

Discipline and respect!

Kung Fu is a great tool. When used and taught properly it can preform miracles. Now having been a instructor for a month and attending the instructors meetings, it amazes me just how much thought is put into the children we teach at SRKF.

When I was younger, I always aspired to be like the Sifus that taught me. To this day I still look up to my teachers, but not for the same reasons. I look up to my teachers because they all are mindful, confident, motivated human beings that taught me and are still teaching me the morals that I use every day. They are constantly are pushing me to be my best.

The reasons I look up to my sifus is extremely hard, if not impossible to tell to a young child. So instead we plant the seeds. We focus almost purely on physical aspects of Kung Fu, or so it seems. Our goal as instructors is to plant the seeds of different concepts in theminds of our students, so that one day they will understand what we meant. I still have a long way to go as a instructor. But I hope that someday I will become a gerat teacher, like the ones I have.

This past week was not very good, but at the same time not very bad. I completed the majority of my requirements, but I know I can get more from myself. I am going to try to write in my journal every mourning to get my head in the right outlook. I am expecting next week to be a good week.

Kobe Csillag

A Dog's Way of Thinking

There are times in your life when you have decisions to make and those decisions can change your perception. Sometimes you don't even realize you've changed paths until you're a ways down it. 

I've had seeds thrown at me for years. This time last year one of the seeds finally stuck. Then there was the challenge set out by Sifu Brinker. That was the sprout.

We live in a world of consumerism and capitalism. Anything that is inconvenient conveniently gets ignored. When you become passionate about something then you cannot ignore the issues that surround it, otherwise you are tying your hands and limiting your ability to make a difference. You have to be open to differences in opinion. Otherwise how do you know your opinion is what's best for you?

With this said, I write this as a narrative of my own experiences and belief and not as a judgement on anyones lifestyles. This is a very personal choice and no one lives in your shoes so no one can judge your decisions.

I've always held the belief that life is sacred. All life, not just human life. I never understood why so many I know hold the belief that a human life is worth more than a dog or cat or any other creature. Why would it when the only difference is in our DNA. A stroke of luck once upon a time. Chloe is programmed to grow fur and chase birds. I'm programmed walk on two legs. We both have language, have emotions and value our lives. We both value each other. 

Just because I value her life equally does not mean I value my own any less. No one seems to understand that part. 

I started this blog back in 2008 and aptly named it A Dog's Way of Thinking. Although the name changed, my reasoning has not. Dogs are compassionate. They kill out of necessity, not because they are malicious or cruel. You may argue that but when they kill it always has to do with survival and instinct. Their need may change but their instinct is still there. 

We used to live like that. We don't anymore. We kill for greed. Industry, currency and convenience drive most of our decisions, not instinct or need. It hurts my heart to think about it. It hurts my heart to think about the suffering I've caused needlessly. I don't want to think about it, but I have to if I am to make a difference. Change starts with one person. In my case, it's me. In your case, it's you.

I'm hesitant to post this, but the way I see it if I don't ruffle a feather or two then I probably didn't say anything that needed to be said.

Khona Rybak

Colour the World!

Empathy, acts of kindness, pay it forward. These are not just words or theory. The more we do it, the better our life and the life of everyone around us will be!

Yitzik Csillag