Are You Ready For The Ride?

We are in the last stretch of the IHC Horse year and getting ready to welcome new members for next year's team. A lot has been said about commitment, engagement, routine. One thing that everyone should ask themselves is "am I ready for the ride?".

Like many rides there going to be ups and downs. There going to be scary parts. There going to thrilling parts. Looking at the ride, you need to ask yourself where do you want to be in a year (yeah, the ride doesn't take us all to the same destination...).

No matter what your skill level, no matter if you had to work in Timbuktu for 3 months, no matter if you were injured for awhile - you need to be part of the team. You are part of the team!

Being part of a group makes it easier to overcome difficulties, to stay engaged, to learn new stuff (and from others mistakes), and to find new friends.

I wish all new and returning members a safe and exciting journey. Hold tight and enjoy the ride. See you on the mats.

Yitzik Csillag