I can remember back to the days of the UBBT (prior to I Ho Chuan), in its infancy of the team concept it was a little challenging for those out of town workers or shift workers to stay connected to the Kwoon. Our ways of staying connected to the school have vastly changed in my mind and I think it's great.

Our blogs have been our first and most important way of sharing, but as time went on routine meetings were adopted, then virtual attendance to the meetings became possible for those in special situations, and now  Google Plus communities. I find distance is not a setback like it used to feel. I am in Whitehorse right now, but I don't feel the distance.

A good representation of why I feel connected would have to be attributed to the on line challenge Sihing Choy initiated with push ups. Simple but effective. I tune in every night to post my numbers, catch up on discussions and read the blogs of my peers.

I might not be in town for awhile but the connection, motivation and inspiration are all at my finger tips! Good stuff, I think!

JC Masterson