Update 1: The intro

My name is Simon Kohut and I'm starting my first year of I Ho Chuan in the year of the sheep. I am very excited to get to know the rest of the team better and to take a step further in my kung fu knowledge. Ever since my first Chinese new year 5 years ago I've always thought how much of an experience it would be to perform in a lion dance. I have always thought that the weapon demos were even cooler than the action movies. I have always looked up at the I Ho Chuan team and thought that's what I want to be one day. Now I am officially on the team. Its more than I anticipated. I'm starting to see it takes much more than just awesome looking forms and perfect flying kicks. It helps you with more than your kung fu, but your every day to day life, making you a more humble, honest and respectful person. I'm hoping this will help me organize my time better and help me break bad habits. I look forward to the challenge and being part of the team.

Thanks everyone, see you on the mats.

Simon Kohut