Mindful Appreciation

This week served as a reminder to always try to live in the moment, and to make a point of showing those you care about how much they mean to you.

Life seems to keep moving faster and faster, and so it can feel normal to take things and people for granted. Far too often, it's "I'll do it later" or "tomorrow"and we run a huge risk of losing those missed moments forever.

I am fortunate that the people I love most don't work in situations where their lives are always on the line. And I feel sincere appreciation for those that do,and for their families that have the silent question in their minds all the time "is today the day that they won't come home?" 

I know that I don't tell those around me often enough how much they mean to me, and I hope that my I Ho Chuan year will help me improve this. One of my goals, which may be too lofty, is to incorporate 1 mindful thing into my daily schedule each month. Hopefully, this will help me succeed in showing more appreciation for those in my life.

Tania Vantuil