Lion Dance Opportunity

I have to say I was physically drained today. The last number of months have been such a huge learning curve.  I was very indifferent when I began learning to do the lion dance. I didn't discuss this with anyone because we were a team and I was needed to do my part.  I am not sure where my indifference came from. I have seen lion dances a number of times since I began learning Kung Fu: every time I was impressed by the skill and the effort that went into the dance.

There was a point in the training that I realized I was going to be in the lion dance for Chinese New Years. First there was panic. I shouldn't be doing this I don't have the skill set.  My thinking was this should be for people more senior than me who had much more training.

That thought then left my head and I focused on not letting my team mates down. Many times during the practices I felt I was doing a terrible job.  I was not at the level I needed to be.  I had to get my skill level up to theirs and ensure that I wouldn't disappoint my team with my performance. 

I hope I accomplished this for my team mates.

Where am I now.  In a short period of time I went from not wanting to do the Lion dance to wanting to continue to Lion dance and to learn more about this part of Kung Fu. I have watched 5 or 6 Lion  dances online today and I have been very impressed at how some dancers can really show personality in a Lion. That is where I want to go and what I want to do.

Opportunity is not always there but when it is take it.

Jim Sand