Running in Circles . . .

It is only day 4 of the Year of the Sheep and what a ride it has already been.  I have already hit my first significant obstacle and come out swinging.  From the moment I woke up on Thursday to around noon on Saturday my life was non-stop go, go, go.  Between trying to get in my requirements, helping with the banquet, helping on an all day field trip for school and many other family obligations, I found I was stuck running in circles.  Not only was I on the run, I was struggling to find a way to stop.  I was on a mission and I just needed people to keep pace with me (which of course they were not).  I was being rather hard to live with and very hard on my beloved family.  Finally in frustration, I took my big fur-baby for a walk.  

It was on my walk that I was hit over the head with a revelation.  I had made the mistake of not building any breathing room into my life.  I had allowed the frenzy to take over.  I needed to slow down!  Immediately!  I love living out in the country.  I can walk with Guiness, talking to God, myself and him and there is no one around to hear.  Guiness loves it because he thinks that no matter who I am talking to, it must be him.  I was able to breathe in the fresh air and just slow down.  I came home and made some amends with my family.  Then I settled into a bath with a book before preparing to go back to the banquet.

Here is the beauty of this pause in the chaos...  Even while I was taking my much needed breather, I was able to actually make progress on a few goals.  I felt recharged and ready to enjoy the banquet. I was able to stop and listen to the candidates speeches.  I was able to recognize that I am just at the start of a marathon and trying to run at a sprint is foolish.  I was able to sit back and be inspired by the quality of the demos, the people that received awards and the entire promotion process.  Now all I need to do is remember to breathe and pause before I hit frenzy!

Karen Bergstreiser