Good Day Today

Why hello there. How is everyone's fine sunday? Good I hope.  This first week plus a few days has been quite progressive. Numbers and routines have been coming at a quick rise. Not to sound cocky but being able to look at these numbers and say this is happening is a fine thing to say. Thursday was a full day, that with the family and work, I could not physically accomplish anything that day. It does not bother me though. Seemed like a little reality check. A check that will always be welcome. That night I was left with a thought. "Listen man, just slow down and enjoy the ride. You will see." So patience was in order that night. and wonderfully enough, it seems, I was rewarded for them patience. You see, Friday night and all day Saturday I was left alone. Alone to my own devices.....Hahaha! This could spell trouble. Fortunately, I was kept busy with class Friday night and Saturday open training. There I was able to get my first good glimpse of what is going down with I Ho Chaun. And who exactly is in the sheep class. It is going to be a lot of fun training with everyone.

I must admit, though. I guess I did a good enough job of not looking like deer in the headlights friday, but, I sure felt like it. What I saw and felt Friday night was really inspiring. I had all this anticipation towards Friday night, and it was well placed. To see everyone laughing and having a good time but on the same token, working hard towards a goal. That is good stuff, that's what that is. It feels real good to be a part of I Ho Chaun. Both days I was able to pick up some hints and tips on techniques for the stick. I can really see how trusting my stick and trying to flow with it will work in my benefit. More like guiding  the stick, then snapping it into place when needed. I had a good opportunity to take a breather and just watch what others where doing. After training on Saturday, I had the freedom to just learn what my stick can do. I really concentrated on the stick being an extension of my body, like I have been told numerous times. I got to do a lot of "Oh that was cool" with my stick yesterday. Normally, like today, I have a three year old playing trucks under my feet. It is tough to do the stick with out cracking him, but I manage!! Oh yeah, I should just get him a football helmet. Then stick would become even more fun. A moving target. Sweet!! 

Well, I guess that's it for now. 
talk to ya soon,