We are into week 2 of this journey and I have already been found myself struggling a few days with motivating myself to practice, do my exercises and stay driven towards my goals. I recalled something that Sifu Brinker had said sometime ago about attendance, even if you can't partake in class, your attendance is still important.  You need to be in a positive environment with like minded people to stay engaged and focused.   I found that very pertinent on those days that I was lacking motivation.  Friday was a busy and mentally exhausting day.  I had to work hard just to convince myself to do my push-ups and sit-ups.  However, going to the first I Ho Chuan class made all the difference. It was not hard to get motivated and excited when I could feel everyone else's energy and drive.  Learning new things and starting to plan for the year to come turned my day around. 

My  numbers this week weren't too bad and I seem to be keeping my head above water. I have calculated the bare minimums I need each week to make sure I stay ahead. I have lost some lead that I had last week, but hopefully I can gain some extra buffer this week.

Accumulative Totals:
Sit-ups: 1786
Push-ups: 1780
Distance: 48 km
Kempo: 26
Nunchuks: 8
Sparring: 30minutes
AOK: 24

I am also focusing on my weight loss goal and finishing the book "Moby Dick". I'm happy to say I am down 1.5 lbs and have read a total of 170 pages.

That's it for me this week. Thank to everyone for helping me stay motivated.

Mike Kohut.