Getting It . . . Finally

This year in particular I'm getting it.  I'm starting to understand what then I Ho Chuan is about.  I won't say that I fully understand the program but this year it resonates with me more than ever before.  
I have concluded that nothing has changed with the program but how I'm approaching the program.  Mentally I have given myself to the program. I have allowed myself to embrace it.  In the past my ego was in the way.  This year, I have parked the ego and am approaching the program with more of a humble attitude. 

The other thing I'm not doing this year that I have in the past is comparing myself to other team mates.  This is tough as we all want to compare against each other.  However I feel by doing this we enable our ego.  This isn't a good thing as when we enable our ego we shut ourselves off and can't fully embrace what we are being taught or the help of others.  Ego to me is very toxic and I battle it all the time.  I have to be mindful of it and work hard to keep it in check.

This team is very special, I don't sense anyone on the team has ego issues.  I feel a very good sense of comraderie and a very positive vibe sans ego.

Finally, I'm getting it.

Ian Repay