Emotional Low

Before I start my blog I have to say it is always a good day when the discussion lasts for 15 minutes on slapping people with a fish

The other day a friend of mine was having an issue.   She was feeling down because she felt that her emotions and her spirit were not understood by the people around her.  My take on her situation was she was focused on the past with lost opportunities and nervous that the future was not what she wanted it to be. She seemed to be in a dark place.  I told her to forget the past and future and concentrate on the now. 

To get her to understand I told her to go on a walk and just think about everything going on around her and just focus on that. After that she told me that she enjoyed herself and it had been a long time that she felt enjoyment. She thanked me.  I asked her to try that everyday and try and stay in the moment.  I hope this helps her get out the the emotional low she is in.

Living in the moment is an easy concept to understand intellectually:  being there every moment Is the difficult part.

Jim Sand