Eye Opener

There are so many things we believe to be a necessity nowadays that are just luxuries. I did not truly understand this until I went on the Alabama trip. I learned what it really means to take what you have and make the best of it. They have very little down in Greensboro compared to what we are used to, but they still appreciate what little they have exponentially more than we do here. This got me thinking...

What do I have that I just don't need? Mmmm, let's see, how about three motorcycles? What do I need three for? I can only ride one at a time! What compels me to find a reason to keep all of them? Some would say, "Oh, that's so you have variety" or "If you have one in the shop you can still ride". You know what? I don't NEED to ride all the time. If I have to wait a week or so to get my bike back so I can ride, so be it, it's not going to kill me. This is a luxury, not a necessity. This is one reason why I'm selling one right away and possibly another later in the year. Then I'd "only" have one left, seems pretty sad to say, really.

I find that people generally hold material goods at too high of a priority and they never seem to have enough. Everyone wants the newest gadgets and whatnot. Throwing away perfectly good stuff, just because it doesn't have the latest features. I admit, I have been one of these people. I was sucked into the throw away society we live in now, but the time has come for change. I'm keeping what I actually need and giving or selling stuff that would be more useful to others.

The less you have, the more you appreciate. This, I am beginning to understand.

Daniel Sollinger