Living in the Moment

Hello everyone I have had another revelation from the Alabama experience. When I got back I had a little talk with Sifu Brinker about my experience in Alabama. I told him that I had never been so inspired in my life to try and do more in my own life. I was completely engaged in Alabama I was accepted and surrounded by nothing but positive go getting people.  Kinda reminds me of what we have in our own I Ho Chuan.

Sifu Brinker then told me the reason why I was able to become so engaged. It was because I had absolutely no distractions. I was in another country while living in a church, and no job to think about. Everything I had there was only the Alabama Project and the new friends I have made. I had no choice but to become engrossed in what I was doing.

I thought for so long that I have had moments in my life where I was really engaged, but after the Alabama trip I realized I had never truly been 100% engaged. I may have been 80 maybe even 90% engaged, but never 100%. When I was in Greensboro someone was telling me that this was fun and all, but they did not see this trip as a holiday; due to all the work we had to do. I never thought for one second that I was not on a holiday and that person had to remind me that technically I was not on one. For me though I was having so much fun in Greensboro that I did not mind if I had to work so hard that my shirt became drenched with sweat ( literally actually happen twice and loved it). I think I can truly say now that I have now officially lived in the moment at 100%.

Sifu Brinker then told me that the next challenge for me was to bring the feeling of immense engagement that I had in Alabama back to my regular life style. I never realized the challenge to live life completely in  the moment while having so many distractions around me would be difficult. I have realized now how much I have to start changing my life so I can always feel and experience 100% engagement.

I ask you all now can you think of a moment in your life where you were 100% engaged in life? I really hope you give this question some true thought, because you might be surprised in your answer. I have a dream now that someday that everyone in our school will go to Greensboro Alabama and experience the miracles that I got to experience there, or even create one in our own community; like the Pandamodium that we have. I know it will come down to money and time, but if you were to ever plan a holiday I would love to see everyone to be able to go there one year and experience  something absolutely amazing;and most likely life changing. So remember everyone stay extraordinary.

Randy Langner