The Power of Experience

Even though some of are more affected by global calamity than others, we all share the same destiny. We are all stuck on the same planet so none of us are immune to what is happening outside our borders - we all share the same fate and one day our turn will come. Our planet’s plight is exasperated by the circumstance that the people inflicting the majority of the damage are the same people who are least, or rather last, affected by economically motivated exploitation. 

This video was shot a week after the four participants returned from the Ultimate Black Belt Test project in Greensboro, Alabama. The video is the project of one of my students and it illustrates the value of experiential learning. War, poverty, starvation, and global disasters remain an abstraction for many of us. You can sit through a lecture or watch a documentary but neither will have the impact of experiencing something first hand.

“He knows the water best who has waded through it.” - Danish Proverb

Jeff Brinker