How Important is Kung Fu to You?

Today I was asked this question and I was at a total loss of how to answer it.

Today was my first appointment at the Glen Sather Sports Medicine Clinic about my knee.  I met with a sports medicine doctor that I have been fondly referring to as the "Gatekeeper".  She has the power to refer me to a surgeon or not.  I did not get my referral today but I did get some homework and a come back in six weeks.  My knee has not healed enough to be ready so patience and more hard work are in order.

Anyways, back to the question...  This was one of the first questions that the doctor asked me after walking into the room.  She had already seen my MRI results and a resident had already tried to turn my knee into a pretzel to see what I could and could not do.  She was working to form a basis of where to take my treatment plan based on this one important question.  I was stuck for an answer.  I think she was looking at this momma in her 40's who has been doing kung fu for about four years and seriously just had to ask the question.

When I first started kung fu it truly was just a way of getting some exercise with a great group of moms while our kids were in school.  Pretty much just like any other exercise class.  Except this is kung fu...  And kung fu has a way of working itself out of being just a class and into something more.  Since joining the I Ho Chuan team, kung fu has literally taken over my life.  The whole point of this year was to set goals and work towards mastery in every area of my life.  Kung fu has successfully invaded every single part of my life.  How do you even begin to explain that to someone who has not lived it.  You don't realize how much of an impact something is having on your life until you have to answer hard questions like this in the context that it is being asked.  This is not just some family member seeking to understand why you live at the kwoon and your children have taken up permanent residence there too.  How I learn to answer this question will impact my entire journey.  I guess need to try find a way to put it all into words...

Karen Bergstreiser