History's Greatest

An ad on the radio came on today that caught my attention. The ad mentioned that in a survey, the majority of people believe that our society is in a current state of decline.  So naturally I began to reflect on the generations that I had any real experience with.  These would include my grandparents, parents, my generation and the newly budding generation of my kids.

My parent’s generation was good.  My grandparent’s generation was exceptional, and based on that current trend I would speculate that my great grandparent’s generation was phenomenal.  Generations that were problem solvers, inventors, hard workers, resilient, thrifty, neighbourly, just to mention a few admirable qualities.  Generations that have seen both oil lamp lit homes, landing on the moon, and worldly connectivity and information over computers and cell phones.  That is true adaptability. 

If we can just sit down and listen for a moment, to those people that have made us who we are, who inspired us to be as good as we can be.  Between my wife and I we have one remaining grandparent.  She is 96.  Too often we don’t take the time to sit down and enjoy people, and truly listen to what made them exceptional.

Society has certainly taken many leaps forward in terms of human rights, racial acceptance, environmental awareness, and in many circumstances has taken giant steps back.  Regardless of that, there are still great people in this day.  People that still have a solid work ethic, care for the community, and a want for change. People that are willing to take on projects, be leaders in the community, and teach the next generation what it means to be great

Vince Krebs