Finding the balance between, work, family, Kung Fu and me time, can be challenging sometimes. Only sometimes though, as me time tends to include Kung Fu and family. It's interesting how Kung fu is both something we share as a family, and it's also something just for me.

I am on my own unique journey, and yet I share it with my family and my Kung Fu family, so I am never alone. I am blessed to be where I am right now, and to have so many like minded and amazing people around me. If I look back to when I first started, I didn't imagine where my life would lead, or how much it would change for the better.

I have ups and downs, as we all do, or maybe it's more like hills and valleys, and finding that straight line can be hard at times. But the key is to never give up, reach out for support, and smile at your heart as often as you can.

Have you ever sat on the grass, closed your eyes with your face at the sky, and just felt the sun shining it's warmth on you? For me, that makes me smile, inside and out. It feels like a warm embrace, which helps me find my centre, and to move forward.

Tania Vantuil