Recently I began wonder why I took so long to join Kung fu, I had wanted to join the same time as my daughter had. Although I had waited initially as I wanted my wife to join at the same time. I did so that we could progress together. I kept making excuses that I did not have enough time to join or some such nonsense. All it was is that I did not make enough time to join. I knew if I joined so would my wife... eventually.

The real kick in the pants to join was when I was talking to Sifu Csillag one night during the kids class. I was mentioning to him about how I wanted to join, and his response was why don't you? Then the excuses started. On the way home after my daughters class I realized there were no legitimate excuses to not joining so I singed up the next day and have wondered on occasion why it took so long. I really enjoy Kung fu and the positive experience it provides for my family.

Paul Dyble