Hello everyone. Man I love December. All the lights and baking and family, its all so great. I am so excited for Christmas. Last year I was a little bummed out because I started to realize the commercialism and consumerism involved in Christmas, but I can't let it bug me. I also used to feel guilt when I only got someone a small gift like chocolates or if I only made them something, but not anymore. I put thought and/or hard work into that gift, and that's not what Christmas is about. Christmas is about waking up and all gathering around the fire. Christmas is about watching your cats play with the wrapping paper, and bringing gingerbread cookies over to your neighbors house. It's about enjoying good food with people you love, and that is why I am so excited.

I wasn't too sure what to blog about today so I just thought I would talk about that. I just feel so much warmer inside than usual. I love the Christmas vibes. And this month I want to get my numbers back up there! Last month I fell off the wagon for requirements but this month will be better. Also the last meeting was the first meeting I've shared about my requirements, and I wish I had sooner. It warmed my heart when everyone clapped for my measly mark. I felt very good about myself so thank you all a lot.

Chantal Prince