I Listened & I Heard

Listening to the meeting by phone on Saturday was a new experience for me.  At first I was annoyed that I couldn’t be there, and I felt like I wasn’t a part of the group.  I was worried I wouldn’t be able to hear or interact as well as usual.

I found that I heard a lot more, my effort to listen and to hear was enhanced because that was the only sense I could use.  I wasn’t always sure who was speaking, so I would listen to the voice and try and visualize the person talking.

I found this meeting to be really inspirational.  I felt like I heard a lot more than what was said…

I heard support from a group of people to one another who in any other circumstance probably would never have come together as a unit, but have through this program become a little family of sorts.

I heard generosity given in words, creativity, and ideas for moving forward within the Kwoon and to individuals on their own independent journeys.

I heard kindness in the words that were being given to one another.

I heard confidence in the voices of those who were sharing their stories and feelings that they were speaking in a safe place and that what they had to share would be accepted and appreciated.

I heard respect when Sifu Brinker was speaking passionately about gratitude, and the silence was the students taking in his every word and considering them.

I felt like I heard the spirit of the kwoon a little clearer through this call.

Maybe I’m just a cheese ball whose getting soft with Christmas coming around the corner, but, I really felt like the experience of listening to this call over the phone was one I was supposed to have.  It really spoke to me – and I listened, and I heard….  loud and clear.



Nicole Tomie