It's In You

Guided structure is great, as it provides preconceived assurance with answers to the unknown, nudges you in the right direction, it provides a known disciplinary action (holds you accountable), without a lot of personal thought and or effort involved. It really doesn't allow for full application of effortless effort, it may lead one towards learning about effortless effort. But once the guide is gone...what's the answer from there?

When full recognition hits home that our journey is fully in our hands no matter if there's a written out agenda followed or you are heading out solo, with only yourself to keep up the momentum. We are really on our own all the way and that our journey/ life no matter the structure is truly in our own hands...we have the choice to ask for help, we have the choice to do push ups, we have the choice to blog, we have the option of eating food that is beneficial to our bodies or not. Obtaining clarity to all of that when we veer off is a different animal.

Saturday, was a day of enlightenment for me. It's difficult to explain, but there was a realization that no matter what the structure that is laid out in front of me, no matter the situation, it is all up to me; I am 100%!accountable for my actions and results. No matter what sort of challenge lies in front of me, it's in my hands, there are resources, but it's all up to me. 

Advancement is not so much about being taught, it's about learning. A self taught attitude is the mind set (still humbled and willing to accept assistance) that I feel I need to take to the forefront, rather than that of expectations of guidance to further myself. I feel this may open my mind to learn more about my ability and find further internal confidence and strength...which can truly only be discovered by myself. 

There comes that time when self enlightenment and seeking within is required to find the answers, but first is the realization that it's been coming from within the whole time. 

Darcy Regier