Efficiency is a practice that should be utilized in just about everything we do whether it's a mental or physical action. Proper diet and hydration is important for us to accomplish anything for that matter along with another huge factor we all seem to abuse, rest. Without proper eating habits, hydration, and rest, our bodies and minds become weak and sluggish; inefficient. So along with this thinking brings me to the conclusion I should attempt to become a vegetarian for a month or two once the Farmers Markets open up for business. Clean fuel needs to run through me in order to be a machine. As does water. To keep this in check one of my goals this year was to consume 1000 liters of water. Aside from this there is another component that is imperative to this complex machinery.  With the help of my wife, my blood will be tested at the end of the week to see exactly what I am allergic too and I can take action to help my body recover or at least relax my autoimmune system and it's attack. This is one of several areas that I am changing in order to reach machine level.

 Time moves quick and it seems we are always trying to find more in order to accomplish all the things we chose to take on to support our quest for knowledge and physical advancement. But it is also not just about time. It's about how we use our available time for max efficiency when we don't have an abundance at the current moment. I try to do a few exercises in one rep. Squats from a horse stance, while executing kicks. With this I am working on my horse stance, core, crane stance muscles, and proper engagement with the kick. I have been using some ankle weights with a few reps and in doing so, I try to hold the leg up for a few seconds at kick completion to build those little guys in the hips. That's just one of many I have been working towards modifying in order to make efficiency happen in my physical training.

As far as mental efficiency goes. it's amazing how much more fun running is when you have your memorization work or curriculum coming through your headphones, that is coming from your phone, that is tracking just about everything you need to know about your running. You can also blast music or pull the plugs and just take in nature. Stimulating the mind is imperative for overall efficiency as well. So there is another area that you can do and accomplish so much with one action. Efficient training and time management. So that's where things are at for now. See you at the Kwoon.

Brian Chervenka