Kung Fu Movies

Lets go back in time, say five years ago. It is Friday night and my family and I just finished watching a movie... lets say karate kid. First thing I did was run down stairs, laid the heavy bag on its side, and start practicing back flips. After failing to wall jump and double kick in the air, I would go upstairs again, disappointed. Basically I was a ten year old upset because I wasn't Jackie Chan. Of course at ten years old I wasn't taking my training that seriously. If I really wanted to be as good as karate kid, I would have just practiced my kicks. But I was only ten, and just wanted to be a ninja. Aside from this, martial arts movies have always inspired me.

Now here I am... not ten years old yet I am still in awe after watching these types of movies. If I want to practice after these movies I will practice kicks not my 'totally awesome just beat you up catch phrase'. I have always loved action movies, especially ones where I could name some of the techniques the characters were using. Now I know that Hollywood Kung Fu is different than the real thing, but that was the cool thing about the really famous Kung Fu actors like Jackie Chan, Jet Li and Bruce Lee. Outside of the movie set, these guys were masters! Like they could actually be capable of all these moves they do in there movies! That is the part that inspires me.

You may be wondering where I am going with this blog and I have no idea. I just wanted to write about it, because I just finished watching a documentary called 'I am Ali'. It was about the greatest boxer of all time, Muhammad Ali! I can't tell you much about the guy, but he was very cocky. He knew he was the best and I thought 'that is a very good way of thinking, especially since I am going for black belt'. I just saw one problem... I am not the best. It wouldn't be me being cocky, it would be me inviting a whooping. So I will leave that to Muhammad Ali. But when Muhammad Ali trains, he says 'float like a butterfly, sting like a bee'. Well! I think I can go with that saying! When he fights he is very smooth. You wouldn't even be able to know if his feet were moving if you just saw his top half. I guess the point is that watching Kung Fu movies isn't always a ton of baloney, and in fact I like watching them for inspiration BECAUSE I know that these guys aren't just pretending.

I would like to take time to really research these people and their journeys. All of them are very different but they might have similarities in their journeys. Maybe I will see similarities in my journey. I really find it cool that we are all in this together. We are all passionate about perfecting an art. A martial art. How cool is that! Maybe one day we can all make a movie! :)

Chantal Prince