The Value of Service

Seven of my students made the trip to Alabama this past week to participate in a project that I have been involved in for almost ten years. Everyone has heard me share my passion for the Alabama Martial Arts Build-Vention through talks, the written word, videos, and photos. Our local newspaper has published feature articles about my experiences there. Regardless of the method used, nothing can convey the value of an experience better than empirical confirmation. Nothing illustrates my point more than the passion within my students returning from their Alabama experience. 

The value of service is something that cannot be denied and should not be ignored. Our annual Pandamonium fundraiser is coming up in two weeks and  my biggest fear at this time is whether or not my students will fully appreciate the opportunity this event affords them. The Pandamonium is about awareness, responsibility, empowerment, empathy, leadership, and community. If a person fully embraces the spirit of the Pandamonium, any effort they invest in this event will generate a beneficial return. The more one invests, the greater the potential return. 

For some, the Pandamonium will be about writing a cheque. For others it will about creating fun and excitement for the event. With either of these two approaches, there is little value beyond the money raised. For those who put in the effort and come to understand and believe in the potential of the event and apply their efforts accordingly, their experience will be priceless.

β€œThe best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” - Mahatma Gandhi (1869 - 1948)

Jeff Brinker