July 2, 2016

Today is a day of great achievements. Yes today of all days in history stands out for myself, to be my greatest day ever.  You see five years ago today, I swore a new life path, on this very day. Only five years ago.... I really, finally had enough of the insanity. I had no idea of what, who, or even how. No idea on where to go or whom to talk to. But the answers came quickly and I sought out help.  These amazing folks gave me a new way to live. That didn't include drowning in a bottle until I'm drooling on myself. There was even people who would help with your vocabulary and call your spade when you think it's a diamond. These people cared.  I would have a melt down and they would say, "keep coming back". At one point, the only thing I heard was keep coming back! Nobody wanted to help, but, they did. I've seen some big tough guys do what big tough stereotypes aren't supposed to do. And I think wow - If he can do it, so can I. I see people with fourty-nine years, and I think, dammit, if they can do it, so can I!

Here is one of the better parts.  I came to them broken in all sorts of fashions. I walked out put together for the most part. They presented a way of life that involved one simple ingredient. One thing. Honesty. From there you delve into a way of life that is completely different.  Where moral values and self respect become number one. Learning the power of staying true to your word.  For so long we carried the torch of the broken and desperate. I learned that this way of life was simple. It was the work that was hard.  Constant self vigilance. Watch your tongue Will. No Will, put down temper and pick up the smiles! Desperately holding onto what little sobriety you have. Modern society loves to push alcohol. Whether it be television, movies or music.  That's hard to watch without impulse. You see, after a while, sobering up brought me time to sit idle, in a roundabout way.

This new way of life gave me great and wondrous successes.  Such successes, once beaten, do not require as much attention as once before.  So eventually, as you clean up your attitude and outlook on life, you start really valuing what you have, and you have time to be peaceful.  Time to be here.  Time to breath.  A life worth living. With that comes time to think and ponder. Wondering what if I could do that too. What if....

There always seemed to be something missing though. As great as I felt, as onward as I was going, I still was missing something.  My spirit, was yearning for something more than what I was doing, as great as it was. And then, around three and a half years ago, I found Kung fu. I stumbled upon a seemingly gem in the sand. My son was attending and I enjoyed what was happening.  I thought, if they can do it, so can I! So I joined a little later.  Slowly, I have learned, that Kung fu gives me this wonderous, constructive place to dispose of frustrations and tension. A place to relax, if you might. Not that class is relaxing, but the after effects! Silent River started to be become more and more of a place that I like being. My journey in Kung fu here has been nothing but awesome, and with all the ups and downs I have loved every minute of it!  Which in a nut shell has brought me to here today.  There's a lot to be said about what Kung fu has done for me as an individual, almost too many things to talk about in one blog.

Today was my day to celebrate achievements. To express gratitude, but above all, be honest with myself.  When I was asked what I was doing today, I thought, I'm going to the kwoon. And away I went.  That's where I want to be. That's where I like to be. I have been away from it for a while and I do miss that place. The smells and sounds are unique to the kwoon.  I did quite enjoy myself today. And to think, five years ago, I could barely stand, let alone walk a straight line. Today I practiced Kung fu.  I don't know about you, but that sounds like a pretty great time!

Thanks for reading

Will Duncan