"It's Not About Big Events"

I was very fortunate to be a member of a breakfast club that would meet most Friday mornings.  There were seven of us and we would meet to discuss faith, personal development, our businesses/careers, etc.

One individual in particular (Jeremy), was an absolute model for discipline, insane work ethic and commitment.  He was a successful Chiropractor and never missed a day in the gym.  He was also extremely devoted to his Faith and his Family.  Of all the people I’ve ever met, he was one of the most driven and focused I’ve had the pleasure of knowing.

One Friday after breakfast on our way to the parking lot, a few of us gave the customary “what’s on tap for today”?  Jeremy replied, “going to Gold’s Gym at West Ed”.  I responded something like “cool, do you crank it up an extra notch when you go there”?  You see, Jeremy arranged his work week where he saw patients Monday through Thursday and took most Fridays off – a product of his work ethic and discipline, no doubt.  He made a comment that caught me off guard, “it’s not about big events”…. And clarified that it was just another workout.  I wanted to know why the emphasis on “it’s not about big events”?  His answer, that remains with me to this day:  If you hold back waiting for a future big event, you’ll let days pass by in anticipation of the big events. To me, Jeremy didn’t want to over-emphasize his Friday workout because making a big deal out of that “event” would take the focus away from how important each day was leading up to Friday.  I think many have a tendency to “create an event”, as a way of convincing ourselves that’s its ok to do nothing today because the “event” we dreamt up is coming.  Thinking back to that conversation, it’s easy for me to recall the lesson because he lived that example everyday – he made every day count and he didn’t dwell on “future events” that would let himself off the hook.

Jeremy died tragically on January 31st, 2014 at the young age of 40.  While the world was robbed of a true model of discipline and inspiration, he lived in such a way that his impact will resonate for many more years to come.  You were right, Jeremy, it’s not about big events.

Shayne Beeler