A Plea


I have a couple questions. Fist, why is the term environmental protection always associated with job loss? Second, why is greed the biggest driving factor in life?

I just returned home after a conversation where the the following statements were made. "Why do I care what happens in 200 years? I want to make money now!". Shortly after this was followed by "Why bother wasting money on space exploration? There's nothing out there anyways.". 

Is anyone else disturbed by this mentality? Is anyone else mortified by the implications of this thought process? By the impact of this? By the sheer number of people who identify with this individual? By the cyclical nature and relationship of the two statements?

I know you're out there. And I am afraid because of this knowledge. And the problem is there is no way to convince you otherwise. I can go on and on about the industries that would be created and the jobs that would be available with a switch from current methods and resources. It is not like a switch from coal or crude will somehow eliminate the need for energy production. If there is a need, there will be industry to support the need. It may look different, act different and feel different but it will provide the same opportunities as the current industries. We will need people to work the industry. To excel in the industry. To innovate and to labor in the industry, whatever it may be. If you are afraid or unwilling to apply your skills to something different then how can industry evolve? We should still be stuck with only the spinning jenny with this mentality. Rocks and sticks, more likely.

How narrow does your vision need to be to believe that everything exists here. Especially with the current course we are set upon space exploration is never a wasted effort, in my opinion anyways. I'll ignore global warming and damages by pipelines or oil spills as, somehow, those are in debate. If you are honest, you cannot disagree that non renewable resources are not infinite. You cannot debate that we rely on these resources and that these resources will, one day, run dry. So, on the current course, how long do you figure until this planet cannot give us what we need?

Guess it doesn't matter if you are not concerned about future generations. 

I know I can argue and debate and plead until I'm blue in the face and some people will not change their views. I have to accept that. So I plead with the rest of you, those who are willing to reason and think for yourself and with the confidence to listen openly and honestly determine your own opinions, your own conclusions. 

I know that we as a species will one day make the right choices. I'm not completely jaded with the human race. I just doubt as to whether or not we reach that day soon enough to matter.

Khona Rybak