Fields of Scruffy

You may or may not have noticed that there are always fresh flowers on the altar. Right now, there is a bouquet of scruffy white daisies. Once or twice a year when my daisies are in bloom I have the chance to provide the flowers for the altar right from my own garden. I kinda puff with pride when I see them as I know I'm contributing, even if in a small, unnoticeable way.

Ever since Sifu Brinker decided to always have fresh flowers I've been doing my best to ensure they are there. It warms my heart to do this small thing. I feel pride when I look around the kwoon and I can see where I've left my mark. Literally and figuratively. 

Taking ownership in the kwoon has helped my own training tremendously. When you take pride in something you have you tend to take better care of it; when you take pride in what you do you tend to try and do it well. As it is mentioned, we are family and the kwoon is our home. I am proud and humbled to be a part of your life and training, and I want the best for us. So, I try to take care of our home. 

I encourage all of you to find some daily part of the kwoon that you can take ownership of. The grass, the grounds, the plants, the planters. Or just round up the dust bunnies when they appear. Something tangible that helps you feel like it is a home you can be proud knowing you're a part of. The school will be only a school to you until you make it your home. When it becomes your home it becomes a part of you and I promise you the returns are a thousand fold.

Khona Rybak