Wage Peace

I will write peace on your wings and you will fly all over the world. -Sadako Sasaki

Today there are countless children in this country alone who have not known a time of peace. The wars in the world may not physically reach our borders but we are all affected. Every life that is lost in result of a bomb dropped or a missile launched, distant or not, is a loss to humanity for the potential of those lives will never be fulfilled and the knowledge, progress and lessons this world may have benefitted from is lost with them. Compassion has to start with those who have the ability to be merciless, for those people also hold the power to be empathetic.

Several weeks ago the childrens classes participated in folding cranes for peace. I have a box of cranes folded by these kids waiting to be strung together and eventually shipped to Hiroshima. I am humbled every time I look at it. My hope is to instill the value of empathy and compassion into these kids, to teach them that these are the qualities that give people the ability to change the world. Making intelligent, informed and compassionate decisions will ultimately create a more compassionate world to live in. Ignorance breeds fear and resentment which leads to indifference and violence. 

I do not know how reach every individual in the world. However I intend to reach as many as I can in hope that they will someday reach others. And I know that this school is the best vessel I know of. The cranes we fold are an invaluable means, a tangible symbol of compassion and empathy. 

One little girl was able to reach across the world with her plea for peace. Imagine if a whole generation did the same.

This is our Cry. This is our Prayer. Peace in the world.

Khona Rybak