Once upon a time, a long time ago . . .

Yesterday I ran across this picture of my first day of Kung Fu. Looking at how the height difference between Kayden and I has reversed itself, tells me it’s been a while. 

Like many others, I started as the mom and wife on the sidelines. One whispered ‘that looks like fun’ had my husband placing a uniform in my hands saying ‘you start on Monday.’ It was a cold weekend in our home.However, what was a bit of an unconventional start began a journey that lasted a distance with many valleys, long climbs, and downhills out of control along with mountain tops that would take my breath away. As I look at this photo I remember very clearly what it was about Kung Fu and more specifically Silent River that caught my interest and continued to bring me back through the doors every class.What I remember standing out was the respect, humility, hard work and compassion I saw being taught and practiced.I saw Silent River as a school that placed value and instilled qualities that I held high and ones that complimented what I believed and tried to practice in my own life. These are the qualities that still today I believe build men and women of character and integrity, something lacking in so many these days.

I have learned so many lessons in the last 12 years, been given opportunities to grow and contribute to the community and world I live, and I am thankful for each one. I know that the last 12 years have helped reinforce that what I put into something will determine what I get out. If I invest little or nothing, I can’t rightfully expect much in return. I have gained a confidence to try things that at an earlier time I allowed fear to hold me back from. I have been inspired and motivated to push and pursue. I have built meaningful relationships while sharing sweat and tears and even blood with some wonderful people. So for all of these moments and memories I am very grateful.

Alana Regier