Community Engagement

This weekend we did the Salvation Army Adopt a Kettle and even though many of the Sifus and Candidates were busy grading, all shifts were filled and it went smooth with only a couple of minor bumps.  This couldn't have been accomplished without everyone not only coming to help, but going above and beyond as well, some staying late and others doing double shifts.  I was prepared to fill in wherever was needed but the few times that I stopped to check in, all I received was a "don't worry, we got this". What an awesome group!

So what did we accomplish?  We pulled together to raise money for a good cause.  We worked together to support the local Salvation Army, for people who will be needing help especially during the holiday season.  Not bad for only an hour (or two) commitment.  As part of Silent River Kung Fu, giving back to the community is an important part of our training and engagement. This is something that I can improve on because doing community work should not be something I just fit into my schedule.  The more I understand how I can help, the easier it is to flex my schedule to ensure I can make these things happen.

Another community event that we also participate in is the Adopt a Driveway program.  We go and shovel the walks and driveway for a an elderly couple who are so appreciative of our efforts.  If you would like to help with this, please contact someone from the I Ho Chuan team or a Sifu. Many shovels make light work.

Thank you to everyone who takes time to support our community.  For all those that helped at the Salvation Army Adopt a Kettle, a huge thank you as well!  

Jackie Kohut