My Blank Pages

I have been inspired by Sifu S. Csillag to start a notebook.

I’ve been writing down ideas for my Emei piercer form as they come up, which has been a huge help even in the short amount of time that I’ve been using it.

I always did prefer the feel of a book in my hand as opposed to an electronic reader – I guess this is a similar idea.

I have a few things that I’m doing with the piercers that I think look cool, or feel right – and now I’m better able to organize my thoughts by writing down different portions of my form.  Or, even to remember things that I have thought of that I don’t have a place in my form for yet, but might down the road.  It just made the whole process seem a lot more real to me, as opposed to just kicking ideas around in my head… have pointy object…  punch here… type thing.

It is basically the beginning of March, and not having previously prepared an independently created weapons form I wasn’t sure how to proceed with going from starting the year of the IHC to having form 1.0 in the works for the end of March… writing items down has helped.

I have also  begun to transfer my electronically logged AOK’s,  push ups, and sit ups to my little book.

With the notebook it is like the creation of my own story.  A reminder in the format of a tangible item that will hold me accountable whether I fill it out or not.   Thoughts written, discarded, re written, crossed out, highlighted, and accepted.  There is an odd sense of accomplishment from writing so much on a blank sheet that the page starts to curl once you’re through.  Makes it so intrinsically your own.

A blank page will either be the story that I’m not telling because I’m not staying accountable to myself, or the story I choose to tell that is not yet told .

I’m looking forward to the IHC year of the Dog journey of filling up my blank pages.

Nicole Tomie