Forced Slow Down

What a crazy, wild ride the past couple weeks have been.  I attended a bunch of extra classes to get a better handle on the grappling curriculum.  Work has been steady.  Chad & I have started looking at starting a new business venture that has taken time.  Kids keep me hopping...  I have been living life full out, that is until I could not keep up that pace one second longer.

Last Wednesday was a definite high in my kung fu life.  I focused in and met the goal of getting that last stripe.  I'm not so sure my precious son fully appreciated the beating required but I am grateful that he let me use him as a victim.  I am also grateful for the additional attention that Sifu Lindstrom sent my way during that time.  It was a successful push.  I did indeed meet my goal.  It really was a pretty exciting moment.

Then Thursday hit...  I felt tired and slow all day long.  I managed to push through all that was required of me but barely.  I had a sweet friend hang up the phone on me after telling me to just go have a nap.  Friday was another day filled with go, go, go...  As the day wore on, I felt worn out.  By the time I went to bed I knew that there was a head cold on it's way. 

This weekend, I stripped life back to the must do's.  Kids made to it their activities on Saturday morning.  Groceries were purchased on Sunday to start the week.  Nothing else happened!!!  Just napping and reading...

Today I am still operating in my slowed down state.  I made it to class but drank peppermint tea while watching everyone else kick the bags.  It was a class that I know I needed to do but I just did not have it in me.  Then it was home for another nap.  Tonight, Chad is helping me out with much of the driving to and from the kwoon - another item to add to my gratitude list.

We spend a great deal of time talking about progressing wisely and not approaching mastery in an all or nothing manner.  This past week, I failed to do this and my body is now reminding me that indeed, I am a mere mortal.  I knew that I had been pushing myself too hard over the past few weeks without enough downtime and rest.  I was reminded that if I do not listen to my body, it will talk a whole bunch louder and it will get my attention.  Perhaps this time I will learn from this forced slow down...

Karen Bergstreiser