Intent and Manifestation

Tonight, Sifu Brinker, got me to look at the way I stand in my forms and move from one stance to other; in particular, moving forward from one stance to another.  Instead of seeing the energy as moving in a linear line forward, he got me to look at it as a circular line around the hips connecting the movement of my upper with my lower body.  It was a simple statement, and yet it has a lot of weight behind it.

I am an acupuncturist and reiki practitioner by trade, and thus, am familiar with energy and how it flows.  The whole exchange made me think more about our internal energy, specifically the energy attached to our thoughts.  It's talked about a lot at the kwoon, how we need to stay in the moment.  When going through the form, I know I'm guilty of continuously thinking of the next movement to reach the end, and never fully committing to the individual movements in-between.  My intent is to complete the form, and not in the individual steps that take me there; though without those steps, how can I possibly expect to reach the end of the form?  It's a conundrum in the way we think. 

It's the moments in life that shape and define us.  I would say that that is the true end result, but even that is false, because the end result is always changing.  What I mean to say is when we set out to complete a task or a goal, it's not so much the end result that matters, but our actions that led us there.  It's the moments in-between the start and finish that truly matter.  Even if we "fail", its our actions leading up that determine whether or not we "succeeded" or not.

On an aside, I've been thinking about the common phrase "It's a small world." when compared to people you know that know each other, where otherwise there is no connection.  It's my belief that this is energy, taken form from manifestation.  I believe we attract like minded people in our journey of growth.  People that help each other move forward.  Our Dog Team, is another form of manifestation that we have subconsciously conjured in an attempt to further our own journey.  I just want to say that I am grateful for everyone that is apart of that.

Nigel Bauer