We Are All In This Together

Hello everyone!

I’m on vacay, so trying to write this from my phone- so there may be spelling mistakes 

I wanted to talk a little about opportunities in life. About choices that are made for us and choices that we have the power to make.

I saw a video the other day about a coach in the US who lined up all of his students for a race, the winner of the race would win $100.00. However, he asked a series of questions before starting the race. Those who answered yes to those questions were permitted to take a step forward, those who answered no were made to stay standing on the line. The questions were all along the vein of family support, opportunity, and privilege. With the outcome being that the students who had been born into stable environments were half completed the race prior to its start, and those whose paths were less than remained at the starting line. There were some very identifiable racial divides; and, although the students at the back were clearly the more athletic and powerful group who would easily have won the race if it were even, the opportunity afforded those who came from stable homes was easily identified.

We aren’t all given the same opportunities in life. Some have to work much harder and climb much further up a mountain of stigma than others. I’ve heard Sifu say we are all only a few missteps removed from facing our own severe challenges ” not quoted”, the point being – everyone deserves an opportunity, but not everyone is given an even playing field.

Recognizing, helping and empathizing with those in a less fortunate positions is such important work. Work that I believe we could all benefit from. Removing judgments, bias, and racial pillars in order to recognize that every person deserves a clean slate and the benefit of being believed in. We just don’t know when we might be the ones who will need that same level of understanding and empathy.

Living with our eyes open and removing social and political blinders, and not punishing those for decisions made outside of their control, but instead helping to lift them using clean perspectives and the recognition that we are all In this together.


Nicole Tomie