Short and Sweet

Today I am unfortunately unable to write a big blog. I'm currently trying to figure out how childhood cultural artifacts influence our adulthood. I managed to find some time to type up a sneak peak into the life of me.
I started university this week and it is absolutely bonkers. I was definitely expecting a heavy course load but let me just say that I have no idea what I would have done if I was in engineering. Back to the subject at hand, when my prof had told us to write about this I couldn't help but think about how Kung Fu had played such a big role in my childhood. I thought that rather than having a cultural artifact present with me at the time, I realized that an artifact that I had influenced me to strive for was an artifact that I would hope to acquire in the future: my black belt.
This is why I love Kung Fu so much because the life lessons and beliefs come up in the most unforeseen circumstances.

Sarah Vanderham