Normal Week

This week was a pretty normal week for me. Nothing crazy happened, just life as normal. It’s nice to have ordinary week once in a while. 

During the summer I got into running with a app I had. It had a bunch of guided runs that I tried and enjoyed. There was one run I remember clearly. It was one of the hardest runs I’ve done. Basically you ran at a fast pace for a minute, then at a slower pace for 2 minutes, for a total of only 30 minutes. The point was to try to recover your energy while you ran at the slower pace. It was very hard to do this but it is an important skill. It can apply to life too. If you can can maintain a baseline of productivity while your recovering, you can be so much more efficient. Instead of taking time off to “recover”, you can be productive in some other aspect of life. That way you are always doing somthing, while also recovering so to be ready for the next thing. 

I don’t know if that makes sense, but I think I will try to apply to my life in the next week.

Kobe Csillag

The Road to Recovery

I can't believe its been 4 weeks since I injured my ribs.  I really thought it was more than that because it has felt like it occurred so long ago.  This last week has been the first time where I have been able to do some (and only some) activities but I have lost so much that it feels like I have taken 10 steps back, actually it feels like 50 steps back.  As I have been down this road a couple of times, I knew that the road to recovery is more of a mental game than a physical one.  Its easy to make excuses and to not even try.  Its easy to get discouraged and wonder why are you putting yourself through this.  Its easy to say I'm too old for this.

What I learnt from previous injuries is that my body does not heal the way it did when I was younger and that I do need to slowly build things back up again so I don't reinjure it.  My brain knows that it will take time, that it will come back faster than before, that this is only a minor set back.  Funny how your brain can say all these thing but you really don't believe them and its easier to not do anything about it.  So why do we go on?  Well, I didn't start this journey to stop it now.

There have been a number of things this week that have helped me get back on track.  

  1. reading and memorizing Mastery - one part talks about how everyone is ordinary but its our actions that help us on the road to mastery.  

  2. Tai Chi classes - these classes are great alone, but when you have an injury, they help you move and slowly work those areas, gradually building strength and flexibility.  I have also found myself relaxing and allowing myself to be "in the moment"

  3. Morning workouts with Mr. Sollinger and Sifu Robinson - I HATE HAVING TO GET UP THAT EARLY but my best days are when we do our workouts together so after, I love that we do this.  Everyday I am able to do a bit more.

  4. My Instructors - I can't thank you all enough for letting me work on a backwards shoulder roll and some shrimping and then when I hit my limit, you have only supported me. This allows me to progress at my own pace.

  5. My successes - I had to stop looking back to before the injury occurred and measuring myself.  For now, I look back a week and measure from there. This way I can measure my improvements, even if they are small, and right now they are VERY small but they are still going in the right direction.

Now don't get me wrong, I am constantly needing to evaluate myself and ask "Is this just an excuse so I don't need to do something OR is it truly legitimate".  I can always find an excuse, but once I realize its an excuse, it is easier to get up and do something.

This is my road from an injury that has actually improved greatly in 4 weeks.  For those of you that have been struggling from more significant injuries, my heart goes out to you as I can imagine how hard and dark this road can be but please do not quit. Only when we quit are we truly beaten.  

See you on the mats!

Jackie Kohut

October 26, 2018

The other day, a friend of mine asked me why I go to kung fu for class so often. From their eyes, I shouldn't have a lot left to learn, so I shouldn't go to so many classes. I couldn't disagree with them more! I find that the more I learn, the more I have yet to learn. 

Their question and my answer made me noticed how much my perspective on my training has shifted within the past year. I can safely say that this shift was for the better! I look forward to training every day and I can't wait for the next class to arrive. Some days I might not feel like going to class,  but I never regret it when I go. I think that the biggest reason for this is because I love to learn new things and try my best to apply those things. For example, the other day I learned that I've been bowing with the wrong hands. What! If I had made the choice not to go to class, I wouldn't have learned this. 

I wish that I'd had this growth-oriented mindset about my training way earlier than it came. One can always wonder, but it's better to appreciate the present for what it is. I'm super excited about the future. I can't wait to see where this mindset is capable of bringing me in my training. 

As I further develop that mindset, it will seep into different aspects of my life. Already, I know that it has positively impacted school for me. I think that I'm one of the very few students who is genuinely looking forward to math class because I want to better myself by learning and applying what I learn.

I'm grateful that I have so many opportunities to learn something new every single day. 

Hannah Meier