SRKF Children's Programs

Silent River Kung Fu empowers children. Through our exclusive children’s programs, we challenge and motivate our students to be their personal best by reinforcing positive habits while leading by example. We inspire our students to be physically and mentally strong, emotionally calm, and the best version of themselves.

Silent River Kung Fu has four unique children’s programs, each directed towards the needs of specific age groups. Check out our class schedule and contact us for more information.

Lil Leopards
3 - 4 years

A thirty minute weekly class that is orientated toward 3 and 4 year olds. Being held only once a week, Little Leopards are not expected to retain a lot of knowledge but they will develop a tremendous amount of confidence in themselves and a “can do” attitude.

Tiny Tigers
5 - 7 years

The Tiny Tigers are 5 to 7 year olds who attend a thirty minute class twice a week. Tiny Tigers are taught to set goals and plot a plan to achieve them. Through hidden repetition, their techniques are refined and developed to prepare them for Silent River Kung Fu’s Yellow Belt Curriculum.

Black Dragons
8 - 12 years

A fifty minute, twice a week class for children 8 years old and up. Black Dragons are ready to begin training in the full Silent River Kung Fu Children's Curriculum. Development of executable techniques as well as success in school and family life are stressed. Black Dragons are taught the concept of “Black Belt Excellence” which we use as a metaphor for personal excellence in all activities.

Roaring Lions
Special Needs

The Roaring Lions class is dedicated to children with special needs. These private classes are conducted with each child's specific needs in mind. The classes span between one quarter to one third of an hour twice a week. Roaring Lions develop new tools that assist and enhance their personal lives.