I'm Jeff Brinker and this is the PROJECT PORTFOLIO for my martial arts school, Silent River Kung Fu. This project portfolio is a collection of community-based projects my students and I have organized, completed, and recorded. The projects are about taking what we practice in our school and applying it to the world at large. "Out of the kwoon and into the world."

The idea came from one of my friends, Tom Callos. Tom is the designer of some of the world's most interesting martial arts programs, like The Ultimate Black Belt Test and The One Hundred.

At Silent River Kung Fu our training is as much about self defense against indifference and mediocrity as it is about physical attacks. Actions speak louder than words, so our students are encouraged to make a difference by putting their values into action.

"If a picture is worth a 1000 words, then an action is worth 1000 pictures." - Jhoon Rhee

Come back frequently to this page to see how we explore ideas about peace education, environmentalism, sustainability, voluntary simplicity, community activism, and other aspects of self-defense training as taught at Silent River Kung Fu.