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Silent River Kung Fu
Chinese New Year Banquet
January 28, 2017

Silent River Kung Fu's Annual Chinese New Year Banquet and Black Belt Promotion Ceremony gives us the opportunity to celebrate the coming new lunar year and to acknowledge the achievement of the rank of Black Belt for Silent River Kung Fu students.

The evening features a fully catered meal, kung fu demonstrations, school award presentations, and the initiation and first performance of our new Chinese Lions.

Seating is extremely limited so reserve your tickets early for this popular event.


Silent River Kung Fu
Annual Boot Camp
August 6, 2016

Silent River Kung Fu's Annual Boot Camp is held every summer. The Boot Camp is a day long event filled with many seminars taught by SRKF Black Belts and guest instructors. The day will expose the participants to many aspects of kung fu including weapons and advanced techniques.

Our Boot Camp is always popular and leaves everyone with a strong sense of accomplishment.

Boot Camp $125



Silent River Kung Fu
Annual Forms Seminar
October 15, 2016

Silent River Kung Fu's Annual Forms Seminar is held every year prior to our Annual Black Belt Grading. The seminar devotes four hours of intense focus on learning and perfecting the form of the student's choice. Students can choose a form they have never been exposed to and learn it by the end of the seminar or they can choose a form they already know and devote the seminar to perfecting it.

The seminar will end with a tournament-style forms competition where each student will be evaluated by a black belt judging panel and receive specific feedback. The evaluations are recorded with each participant receiving a copy of the video footage.

Forms Seminar $85


Body Wise Nutritional Supplements

With the additives and chemicals found in the North American food supply, we are not always getting the nutrition and minerals an athlete's body requires through our regular diet. Unless you have complete control of your food supply, a healthy diet alone is not enough and supplementation may be a necessity.

The quality of the fuel we supply our body determines the quality of the results we desire. Silent River Kung Fu endorses the quality of Bodywise supplements. For more information or to purchase, please contact us.