SRKF Teen/Adult Programs


Silent River Kung Fu's teen and adult programs are structured to ensure maximum results. With the trend in martial arts going toward Olympic and sporting orientation, Kung Fu has preserved the original technique and philosophy of the art and therefore has retained its usefulness in self defence.

Silent River Kung Fu offers a variety of programs for teens and adults. In addition to our traditional Kung Fu curriculum, we offer classes in self defence, traditional weapons, sparring, martial arts fitness, tai chi, and kickboxing.

Through Silent River Kung Fu's intelligent curriculum, our mission is to improve every aspect of your life. Check out our class schedule and contact us to sign up or receive more information.



Traditional Kung Fu

People who begin studying and practicing kung fu usually start noticing the benefits after as little as a few weeks. From a physical standpoint, the training improves the body's cardiovascular condition, tones the muscles, refines coordination, and promotes better body metabolism. Mentally, the training builds self-esteem, improves concentration, promotes calmness, and provides a proven system for managing stress.


I Ho Chuan

Complete martial artists apply mastery to all aspects of their lives. Choices are made every second of every day that propel one closer to mastery or further down the path of mediocrity. Participants who successfully complete our I Ho Chuan program learn a process to develop mastery and the strategies to maintain its relevance.

Silent River Kung Fu’s I Ho Chuan program is based upon Master Tom Callos’ Ultimate Black Belt Test and is limited to twenty participants each year. Details of the I Ho Chuan and its curriculum can be found here.


Tai Chi

Tai Chi, or "Grand Ultimate Fist" is at the core of all kung fu systems. Through the study of the postures of the Yang style Tai Chi form, students develop a strong sense of awareness of themselves and the world around them.

With Silent River Kung Fu's exclusive Tai Chi program, students can learn four unique forms - Li, I, Jen, and Chih of the Yang style. Through these forms students learn how to centre their bodies while aligning their skeleton and internal organs for maximum benefit and health.

While appearing passive and gentle, Tai Chi is a great workout with many health benefits, both physical and mental.


Shaolin Fitness

Sound physical fitness is a major component in building confidence and self esteem and is imperative for progression to Black Belt.

Silent River Kung Fu's Shaolin Fitness Class helps members attain a higher personal fitness standard. This weekly class concentrates on the development of sound technique and form while providing a workout sure to benefit everyone no matter what their conditioning levels or ability. With the program's focus on the four phases of technique mastery: form, speed and power, accuracy, and realism, each participant is guaranteed to take their training to the next level. 


Shaolin Combatives

The Shaolin Combatives class offered at Silent River Kung Fu is a specialty sparring program that takes the participants beyond the scope of typical sparring classes. Students are taught all aspects of sparring including: traditional sanda, competitive point fighting, ground fighting, and scenario based self defense. Emphasis is placed on flow, control and timing. 

Through class-specific drills and weekly Fight Club competitions, each participant is sure to develop a solid fighting skill set that will serve them well no matter what sparring application they may have in mind.


Chinese Lion Dance and Dragon Dance

Kung fu schools judge themselves on the quality of their lion dance. The traditional lion dance and dragon dance allows the students to learn the important cultural significances of the dance while the rigours of the dance help reinforce their strength, stamina, and overall conditioning.

Silent River Kung Fu can be seen performing their Chinese Lion Dance and Dragon Dance throughout the year for special events in our community.