Proud to Call Alberta Home

I'm inspired and overwhelmed at the same time by the generosity of everyone that has helped and offered help to the people of Fort McMurray. The desire to help those in need and the level of engagement that has been displayed is truly amazing and heartwarming.

 Information is everywhere. Radio, television and social media all provide information and therefore create awareness. We have all seen the power of that awareness as Albertans stepped up and helped in numerous ways. Imagine if we could take that same level of engagement and desire to help and apply those qualities to our lives everyday.

Rather than waiting, what if we took action before something happened or is brought to our attention? What if we took action all the time, and made awareness and engagement a habit?

There are many well deserving organizations and charities that require help and donations to continue doing the work that is so important and necessary. At Silent River Kung Fu we support and raise awareness, and money for 5 charities throughout the year. Each one is important for specific reasons and has been carefully chosen. I invite you to research at least one of them, so that you can see for yourself why they are important and need our help. Awareness, empathy and compassion are key components to our Kung Fu training.

Second Chance Animal Rescue
Northern Lights Wolf Centre
Children's Ability Fund      
Atsikana Pa Ulendo            
Healing Hands of Katmandu

Pandamonium is coming up this Saturday and is an opportunity for us to start a conversation before, during and after about our charities. Building awareness for our 5 charities and their related issues, as well as raising money, fun and coming together as a community is what Pandamonium is all about. Our goal is to raise $15 for every minute of Kung Fu during this 24 hour event, for a total of $21,600. Charities like Scars and Children's Ability Fund have been impacted by the fires in Fort McMurray and will need our support. The need for each of these charities is ongoing throughout the year.

Please... start a conversation and help increase awareness. Awareness is powerful!

Michele Ward