The Path Less Travelled

The past few days we have spent down in Lethbridge for Brandon’s graduation as well as packing and moving him back home for the summer. Yay! It has been an extra-long weekend that has had moments of hectic as well as those of relaxing and laughs. Being that Lethbridge is a 5 1/2-6 hr drive (5 if you are male), there was a lot of time spent on the road with little to do than watch as each town and farm yard passed by.  This trip we chose a route off the beaten trail which led us through small communities, many you would miss if you blinked. Even though we had a schedule of sorts with places to be and things to do, I found the trip this go around much more relaxing and enjoyable.  Maybe it was the fact that I was belted into the passenger’s seat with nowhere to go, but I seemed to notice so much more without my mind racing back to the lists and schedules.  I enjoyed the sporadic weather systems coming and going (even though I would have chosen more sun), the leaves on trees starting to bud out, the glimpses of mountains and foothills, along with all the adorable baby calves who dotted the fields. 

In the quiet of these hours I was reminded that the environment I find myself surrounded with determines where I am mentally and how much I am able to enjoy each moment.  The drive on these empty, curving roads with my mountain view offered complete peacefulness.  For those moments I didn’t have to be anywhere or do anything other than simply enjoy the moment. 

Yes life is crazy busy with the lists to complete and the places to be, however, I believe it is important to sometimes take the path less travelled, the slower more scenic trail that has a beauty and peace of its own, the path that will calm the soul and rejuvenate the spirit.



Alana Regier