What Is the Essence?

Well the sheep is ready to move off into the sunset for greener pastures.  The monkey is coming down from the mountain and is getting ready to interact with me for the next year.

I am now finishing up my second year of I HO Chuan.  This upcoming  year I will be embarking on a trail by myself knowing that I have support from past team members.  These past two years have been physically and mentally challenging for me. I Ho Chuan is what I was looking for in my life and the benefits I have gained by being able to be involved in this very unique team will last a life time.  I have been involved in self improvement my whole life and have taken courses, programs and read extensively to become a better me.  I Ho Chuan has taken many of the concepts I have learned , but maybe not implemented, and simplified them to their very essence.


Wow simple words but oh so powerful.  With out the sore body, hurt shoulder, knee that felt like I may never be able to do another kick, I may never have been able to understand what engagement means.  It is spending a few minutes, many times, through out the day doing push-ups or squat thrusts, smiling at the person in the line up at the grocery store,  engaging a stranger in conversation, saying yes I will help or simply picking up a broom or garbage to do what needs to be done.  These are the physical parts of engagement.

What about the mental aspects.  Journaling my progress, constantly challenging what I "think" is true and opening my mind to new and powerful new ideas and concepts is invaluable.  For myself journaling has been the most powerful tool I have been able to incorporate to help me to be engaged. Writing is not natural for myself.  I have been able to articulate my thoughts with the spoken word but the written word was always more challenging.  By journaling I have been able to take the scramble of thought that enter my head and put them on paper and make something clear and articulate. ( At least to me, maybe not others) These thoughts or journal then becomes a permanent artifact that I can reread and understand what was going on in my mind and life at a particular point in time. 

I think that everyone who is fortunate enough to be living right now and have the opportunity to be involved in this unique team should be thankful.  I will not take for granted the opportunity I have been fortunate enough to have experienced.  I will continue to incorporate what I have leaned and to grow personally to become a better person for my family, community and myself.

I am unsure what the future will bring. I am certain that the present will be mindful, engaged and focused on happiness.

Jim Sand

Yes I Am Weird

The tightness in the shoulders.   Abs are screaming for a rest. Right knee is not right and may be a sign of bad things to come.  Physically drained. 

The day starts with sit ups and push-ups. On to the Kwoon  for class and after an hour and a half and 350 kicks off to get on the bike and then home to finish off with push ups and sit ups.

It has been most of my life where I knew I was weird and different from other people. It has only been in the last year and a bit being part of I Ho Chuan that I understood this weirdness. Why would some one do this?  Seems like a lot of work.  But what is the alternative?  Mediocrity.

I guess I am embracing my inner weirdness and have found what I have been looking for all my life.  It is this weirdness that helps us throw off the "Terminal Normality" that surrounds every day.

Everyone go out and do something epic tomorrow

Jim Sand