Earth Day

Today is earth day, and I feel fast.  You should too.  We are both flying at 107,182 km/hr as passengers of earth around the sun. It’s a dangerous place to live also.  Half a million detectable earthquakes each year, average of 100 lightning ground strikes a second.  With only .003% of its available water available for humans, and one third of its land mass deserts, it can be a pretty inhospitable place.

But it is also magnificent. 3.04 Trillion trees, give rise to a precise gas mixture that keeps my skin from melting off, and which makes the smell of a fresh rain wonderful.

A precise distance from a star, with an orbit and rotation of mathematical genius.  Allowing for the only place in the universe to support water in its three states, liquid, gas and solid.  I ponder this while breathing the moist air and drinking a glass of ice water…..mmmm good.

With an estimated 10,000 stars in the universe for every grain of sand on every beach on earth; you would think finding a substitute would be easy peesy.  According to scientists much smarter than I…it’s not.  So let’s take today to contemplate the gift of life in such a miraculous setting and use every other day to love it, enjoy it and protect it.

Vince Krebs